About us

Lonardi Claudio s.r.l. has been involved in the metal forming industry since 1949: 

1949: Claudio Lonardi founds the sheet metal forming company
1980: the company is transformed into a joint-stock company
1992: Claudio’s son Pietro and daughter Silvia join the management team
1999: company’s 50th anniversary
2002: relocation to the new production site
2003: new automatic line for the production of diesel oil filters
2005: automatic lines of presses for the production of filters
2006: implementation of new automatic lines for extra thick products
2007: expansion of warehouses and reorganization of logistics
2010: new mechanical presses for progressive dies with tonnage of 315 tons
2011: new automatic line of presses for parts with height of 400 mm
2012: new solar plant for self-energy
2013: new 2D/3D laser cutting plant
2014: new hydraulic press with tonnage of 400 tons for parts with height of 500 mm