Deep Drawing

The sheet metal deep forming process (or deep drawing) is our area of expertise.


Through passion, dedication and ongoing research we have gained excellent know-how and technical expertise in the deep drawing process. We have achieved amazing results with our stamping process and we have set a new benchmark producing parts that have a 95 mm diameter, 540 mm height and 3.0 mm thickness; we also manufacture parts with a square 35 x 35 mm base, 231 mm height and 0.4 mm thickness. 

High thickness sheet metal stamping

Over the years we have developed particular projects of deep-drawn parts up to 10 mm thick.  


We are able to deep draw several types of sheet metal materials: carbon steel, galvanised steel, aluminised steel, 300 and 400 series stainless steel, tin plate, copper, brass and aluminium. 

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The products we make

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